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Pacific Theological College

PTC was the first educational institution, secular or religious, within the Pacific region to offer studies at degree level and award an internationally accepted degree. It is a unique regional ecumenical theological institution offering academic programmes since 1965, serving the churches and countries of the Pacific islands. 

PTC is known for its focus on indigenous/contextual postcolonial theologising since the 1960s, deconstructing and critiquing the colonial and neocolonial models that have shaped both the church and society in the Pacific and abroad. Its faculty and graduates for years have produced alternative thinking and writings that challenged the conventional colonial narrative and have become key figures in the rethinking movement to liberate the Pacific lands, oceans and peoples.

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A wealth of contextual knowledge

As part of our vision and mission, we are committed to making our publications available on an Open Access basis.

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Our Mission

PTC Graduates

To provide for the Pacific Churches and the region integrated tertiary theological education for leadership that is prophetic and justice-driven, missiological, academic, socially contextual, that respects and celebrates the ecumenical and cultural diversity, that is relevant to regional stability, and that is informed by the life-affirming Pacific values and insights in an ever-changing environment.

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Theses from our students

Our students’ work is available for all to access.

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